Map shows proposed Plaza Midwood social district

CHARLOTTE — A proposal for Plaza Midwood’s social district lays out a 60-acre area that stretches over one mile from the Salvation Army on the west side to Morningside Drive on the east side.

The head of the Charlotte neighborhood’s Merchants Association says they are working through the requirements of the city ordinance. They had a community meeting and will continue to get feedback from businesses and property owners.

“We’re about midway through,” said Jason Michel, the executive director of the Plaza Midwood   We’re hoping to have everything to submit for a public hearing maybe July, probably August, and hopefully get the district in for the perfect fall weather.”

The biggest concerns from neighbors are trash and public drunkenness.

The Merchants Association wants to sell stainless-steel cups to reduce waste once the social district is approved.

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Evan Donovan

Evan Donovan, wsoctv.com

Evan is an anchor and reporter for Channel 9.