Meck Co. deputies can give auto part gift cards instead of tickets

CHARLOTTE — Not all drivers who get pulled over in Mecklenburg County will be issued a ticket. Some drivers who are pulled over for a small equipment issue could get a gift card to get it fixed instead!

Through a partnership with Advance Auto Parts, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office now has $2,500 worth of gift cards to give out to motorists with minor vehicle equipment infractions.

This initiative hopes to promote roadway safety by encouraging motorists to purchase a replacement part to repair their vehicle instead of penalizing them.

“You never know what people are facing in their everyday lives, and the bright spot of receiving a gift card to fix their vehicle may make all the difference in the world,” said Angelo Fonseca, Advance’s district manager.

When a police officer or deputy pulls over a driver, they can choose to give a $25 gift card to Advance Auto Part instead of issuing a ticket or citation.

Drivers who receive a gift card may use the card at Advance’s locations across Mecklenburg County or online at AdvanceAutoParts.com.

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