Medical experts still concerned as COVID-19 deaths decrease in NC

CHARLOTTE — The fight against COVID-19 has depended on numbers and data and there is an important statistic that is decreasing.

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The peak deaths in North Carolina was May 25 when 32 people died from the virus and since then, that has decreased.

The average death rate so far in June has been 12 deaths per day.

There were five deaths reported Monday.

An expert said the decline in deaths is most likely attributed to the number of young people testing positive for the virus.

People who are generally healthier and less prone to die.

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“Early infections were the elderly population, the vulnerable,” said Michael Thompson, with Public Health Sciences at UNCC.

Experts warn it is important for young people to avoid getting the virus because while they may appear to stay healthy or recover quickly, there is so much we still don’t know about how COVID-19 affects the body.

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