Meet the newest Charlotte Hornet: MrBeast.

CHARLOTTE — Or, rather, the newest Charlotte Hornets sponsor.

For those over 40, a brief explainer: MrBeast is the name used by Greenville, North Carolina-based social-media personality and entrepreneur Jimmy Donaldson.

At the ripe old age of 25, Donaldson has amassed 188 million YouTube subscribers and co-founded food brand Feastables, a nationally distributed line of snack bars, cookies, and gummies.

Starting this season, Feastables will have its logo on the Hornets jersey as the NBA franchise’s uniform patch sponsor, one of the most valuable pieces of advertising inventory for any team.

“He is probably the most financially successful YouTuber out there,” Marc Ganis, a sports business consultant with ties to all the major U.S. leagues, told CBJ. “He has a massive following. This is really interesting — this is much more than just a YouTuber.”

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