Officers involved in shooting death of Mooresville man won’t face charges, DA says

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — A prosecutor in North Carolina says two police officers will not face criminal charges over the shooting death of a Mooresville man.

Randolph County District Attorney Andy Gregson had cleared the officers.

“It is also clear from the evidence that the officer’s application of deadly force was reasonable and necessary in response to this threat. Officer Arndt’s and Novelli’s actions were lawful, justified, and proper under U.S. Constitutional law and the North Carolina law governing the use of deadly force by law enforcement,” Gregson said.

Channel 9 was there in August 2020 after the deadly officer-involved shooting. Police said Chris Craven had a gun and was a threat to officers.

Craven’s wife told anchor Allison Latos that her husband respected police and that her family called 911 for help because he was having a mental health crisis.

On that August night, Mooresville police answered a domestic assault call on Heritage Place. On the porch, officers said they found Craven, reportedly suicidal and armed with a gun.

Police said Craven didn’t listen to commands and pointed the gun at officers. They shot him in the front yard. His family was inside.

“They pushed their way through the door, search(ed) the home. They pushed the kids around and pushed me around. Tried to put me in handcuffs. Threatened to arrest me if I looked out the window,” Chris Craven’s wife, Amy Craven, said. “Wouldn’t tell us if Chris was in the hospital, if he was hurt, what had happened.”

The medical examiner’s autopsy reports said Craven was shot 15 times, but the family got another private autopsy, which said he was shot 20 times.

“There was no attempt to deescalate. They told him to put his hands up. He did. They told him to get on the ground, and a second after, they shot him until he was dead,” attorney Alex Heroy said.

Heroy is the family’s attorney, and said they went to court to see the officer’s body camera video.

“I don’t think the family should have to hire a lawyer and go to court to find out what happened to their loved one and wait nine months,” Heroy said.

Allison asked Amy Craven if she thinks her husband was complying with their commands.

“Absolutely,” Amy responded. “That’s why I have been fighting for the truth.”

(Watch Below: SBI investigating deadly officer-involved shooting in Mooresville)

After an investigation from the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, officers Arndt and Novelli will not be charged.

The prosecutor said both officers saw Craven pull out a pistol.

The Iredell County District Attorney said that to avoid conflict of interest, she asked the Randolph County DA to determine if the officers will be cleared or charged.

Channel 9 asked Mooresville police if both officers are still on duty and if there has been any action by the department. We have not heard back.