Charlotte native Steph Curry to sponsor golf teams at Howard University

WASHINGTON D.C. — NBA All-Star Steph Curry's love of golf rivals his passion for basketball. Now, he's taking a huge step to help other golfers pursue their passion.

According to the Washington Post, Curry will be in Washington D.C. Monday to announce he is sponsoring men and women's golf teams at Howard University.

The move came after Curry met a student who said he turned down a college scholarship to play golf at another school in order to attend Howard.

"To hear somebody as passionate about the game as I was, all the while still pursuing their education at Howard, impacted me," Curry told the Post. “No matter where you come from or what socioeconomic background you had, we all were that kid once upon a time that was just excited about finding out who they were as a person through athletics.”

According to the Post, Curry didn't reveal the exact amount of the sponsorship, but said he's making a 7-figure donation over six years in order to give the school time to raise an endowment to make the program self-sustainable.

Curry added the student-athletes who join the golf teams will also volunteer with Eat. Learn. Play, which is a foundation encouraging healthy development in children that is run by Curry and his wife.