NC AG, Charlotte leaders address social media, substance abuse among kids

CHARLOTTE — North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein was in Charlotte Monday morning to talk with local leaders about protecting children from substance abuse and social media.

Stein said he wants social media apps to change the way they operate so they’re not keeping children online for hours at a time. He said he also wants to see more protections on social media, including age verification and minimum age limits.

“These programs suck kids in and keep them on their apps for hour and hours. The average high schooler is on for 8 hours a day,” he said.

Stein wants apps to remove harmful content about drugs, suicide, and eating disorders.

The attorney general also said social media can affect child development. He said recent studies show it can cause depression, anxiety, and weight loss among children.

Stein is the current North Carolina attorney general and is also a Democratic candidate for governor.

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