NC man accused of taking money for home renovations, not completing work

LINCOLN COUNTY, N.C. — A man in Lincoln County is accused of taking tens of thousands of dollars for home renovation projects but never performing the work.

Sheriff’s deputies said they’re investigating cases in Catawba, Caldwell, Iredell, and Alexander counties, as well as Carter County, Tennessee.

Investigators told Channel 9′s Dave Faherty that Jeffrey Maier with 8 Home Enhancements was able to gain the trust of one set of homeowners when he talked about his faith.

Tom Parker told Faherty it’s been more than eight months and so far, no renovation work has been done at his Alexander County home. Parker showed Faherty a sketch for the addition on his home. The Vietnam War veteran said he hired Maier to do the work so he would have room for his home dialysis equipment.

“He had the Jesus hat and the Jesus shirt. Knew all the words, knew exactly what to say to us because me and my wife are strong Christians,” Parker said. “We handed over the check to get this going.”

That was back in April. But Parker said so far, no work has been done.

Parker isn’t alone. Faherty spoke with a homeowner in Caldwell County who said he’s out nearly $10,000 for a bathroom renovation. In that case, deputies said they learned Maier was going by the name Kyle Moore and was working without a contractor’s license.

Another homeowner in Catawba County, who asked Faherty not show his face, says he is out more than $30,000 for a kitchen and bathroom renovation.

“He would say he’s busy doing work up in Alaska or Tennessee. He would be working on charitable construction projects,” he said.

Sheriff’s deputies in Iredell, Caldwell and Alexander counties have charged Maier with obtaining property by false pretenses. He is also facing a similar charge in Tennessee.

Faherty spoke with Maier by phone Wednesday afternoon. He said after an office manager was fired, he lost access to his work files.

“We’re going to get the work done. That’s a fact,” Maier told Faherty. “The last thing I want to do -- and if you deliberately do stuff you’ll go to Hell -- and that’s the last thing I want to end up.”

Parker said he’s out tens of thousands of dollars. He said he came forward to keep others from being hurt.

“Yes it embarrasses me,” he said. “But not enough that I’m going to hold it back and not let my neighbors know what’s going on around here.”

Maier also told Faherty he’s received five-star reviews in the past. Faherty checked with the Better Business Bureau and his business, 8 Home Enhancements, got an “F” rating.

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