NCDOT paves way to rename part of I-77 for Steph Curry

DAVIDSON, N.C. — A section of Interstate 77 in Davidson will be named after NBA star Steph Curry after all.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation voted unanimously on Thursday to allow Davidson to rename part of I-77 near Exit 30 the “Steph Curry Interchange.”

Channel 9 reported when the town board in Davidson first proposed honoring No. 30 with the exit interchange, but the idea hit a snag when it didn’t garner support from every single town leader. Commissioner Tracy Mattison Brandon voted against the proposal, saying Davidson should be recognizing people who have contributed to the town and not just the college.


Curry is arguably one of Davidson College’s most popular exports in the sporting world - he’s won multiple NBA championships with the Golden State Warriors and has a reputation in the league as a sure shot from the three-point line.

Historically, NCDOT has preferred name changes on roadways to have unanimous support at the local level. But after the NCDOT’s naming committee reviewed the complete application, they decided to consider the request.

Curry’s former coach, Bob McKillop, told NCDOT that Steph has become a global icon and he’s done it with a kind of grace and dignity that is rarely found in people with that kind of status today.

On Thursday, NCDOT gave the green light to the name change.

Steph Curry’s mother, Sonya, told Channel 9 she’s excited that the town is honoring her son.

“My heart is just racing to think that I am going to ride up 77 and see an exit with my child’s name on it,” Sonya said.

An exact timeline for the name change and signage isn’t available yet.

(VIDEO: Steph Curry receives key to the city of Charlotte)