North Carolina woman lies about having cancer to save marriage

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. — People banded together to raise money for a Randolph County woman who said she was battling cancer.

Her diagnosis was a complete lie, the Sheriff’s Office said after they received a tip.

Amy Hammer said she told the fib to save her marriage.

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“When he said he was going to leave me, it was an impulsive thing,” Hammer said. “We've been together so long, I got scared and terrified."

A church that was going to hold a fundraiser Saturday canceled the event, but they had already raffled off tickets for a shotgun, pottery and a spa package.

Workers at the spa were stunned.

“It`s bad for this community that someone would do that,” massage therapist Caroline Staley said. “You can`t trust people, and it makes us not want to donate because of people like that.”

The Sheriff's Office is rounding up the raffle tickets and telling anyone still selling them to stop.

Charges are still pending against Hammer and she has not been arrested.