‘Ongoing nightmare’: Family demanding answers after teen driving stolen car killed loved one

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A devastated family is demanding answers following a deadly crash involved a teenager and a stolen car.

Micky Brown was killed Jan. 11 in a wreck near Tuckaseegee Road and Daleview Drive in west Charlotte.

Police said Tayshawn Lowery, 16, is now charged in the crash. According to officers, Lowery had stolen a car, drove away and crashed into Brown’s truck, but police said he should not even been outside his home.

According to court documents, Lowery was on an electronic monitor for a pending charge or fleeing arrest in a motor vehicle. He was supposed to be under a 24-hour curfew, and allowed to leave the house only for school, treatment, court, medical or other approved appointments.

However, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police reports said Lowery violated the rules, roaming the city between Christmas Day and Jan. 5.

“What was the system doing? because if he is being monitored and he’s out of where he’s supposed to be, it should have sent an alert,” said Brown’s cousin, Sharie Maye.

Channel 9′s Allison Latos asked CMPD why and how Lowery could have so many violations without being rearrested.

“Violations of electronic monitoring conditions are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine what the best course of action is for all involved,” CMPD said in a statement.

The district’s attorney’s office said ethical rules prohibit them from commenting on pending cases. State juvenile justices officials sent the following statement to Channel 9.

“Court counselors, in conjunction with their supervisors, determine approportionate next steps following violations,” the statement said, “We cannot comment on specific juvenile cases.”

Channel 9 has learned that on Jan. 11, a magistrate issued an order for Lowery’s arrest. It was the same day police said he was driving the stolen car, and hit and killed Brown.

“This is a chapter in our lives that will never close. It is an ongoing nightmare,” Maye said.

Brown’s family said they won’t rest until they get answers and justice.

“If the police and the system were doing their job, it wouldn’t have gotten this far for him to take someone’s life,” Maye said. “We don’t want a slap on the wrist because he’s had that several times in the past.”

Two passengers in Brown’s truck survived, but they are still in the hospital recovering from serious injuries, including several broken bones and seizures. Both of them have had surgery, but can’t walk, and it not clear when they’ll leave intensive care.

Lowery is still in jail and will be in court in March.

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