Only On 9: Family searches for justice after loved one is killed on Christmas Eve

CHARLOTTE — The family of Howard “Moe” Higgins is speaking out in hopes that someone knows something about his killing and can help bring them closure.

His mother and sister are still heartbroken after Higgins was killed on Christmas Eve and they need the public’s help with solving the case.

Ieisha Higgins wipes tears from her cheeks as she remembers her brother.

“You still wake up to that terrifying feeling,” she said. “So, it’s been really hard.”

Police say the father of three who was a party planner was shot in his car outside his home on Flagler Lane in northwest Charlotte on Dec. 24. His family still doesn’t know why anyone would shoot him.

“He was just getting home and someone walked up to the car and shot my brother,” Ieisha Higgins said.

“Christmas will never be the same. Never,” she said.

“This is the hurt that I wouldn’t wish on any parent,” his mother, Emma Higgins, said. “I have never had to experience this kind of pain.”

Both Higgins’s mother and sister say that with no leads in the case, they are begging the community for help.

“We need answers, we need justice for my brother,” Ieisha Higgins said. “We are asking that someone step forward and let us know what did happen to my brother and why.”

Ieisha Higgins says her brother would do anything for anyone.

“He was the shining armor of the family,” she said. “He was that person.”

If you have any information about this case, please call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

VIDEO: 1 shot, killed in car in northwest Charlotte neighborhood on Christmas Eve

Hunter Sáenz

Hunter Sáenz, wsoctv.com

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