Organization hiring 6 to help stop violence along Beatties Ford Road

CHARLOTTE — There’s a new job opportunity in Charlotte that could give you a paycheck and make the city safer.

For months, Eyewitness News anchor Allison Latos has followed the effort to stop violence along Beatties Ford Road.

The organization in charge of cutting crime along Beatties Ford Road wants people who know the neighborhoods to help turn them around and they are recruiting hard this week.

“Do you live on Beatties Ford Road or from the Ford and want to give back?” one radio ad asks.

Youth Advocate Programs, also known as YAP, is hiring. Those recruitment ads are running on Power 98 seeking violence interrupters and outreach coordinators to help stop the deadly violence.

Last June, several shooters opened fire on a Beatties Ford Road block party -- nine people were shot, three people died and another was run over trying to escape.

“They have to have good relationships in the area,” Gary Ivory with YAP said. “If you don’t have good relationships, you can help deal with the beefs, the conflicts.”

Ivory is in charge of the effort that will focus on mediating arguments before they escalate and connecting residents with resources like employment and education.

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The program will hire three violence interrupters and two outreach coordinators. Each with a $36,000 salary and a supervisor making $43,000.

The roles include health insurance, dental and vision with flexible and non-traditional hours such as afternoons, evenings and weekends.

YAP is also using platforms like LinkedIn, hoping people will see or hear the opportunity to make a difference.

“They know the challenges young people face. Many have been in trouble themselves and know that change is possible,” a radio add said.

So far, more than 60 people have applied for the six positions. YAP said the jobs will be posted until Sunday.

They hope to launch the work along Beatties Ford Road by mid-July.

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