Panthers owner David Tepper shares thoughts on his first season

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The 2018 season was David Tepper’s first season as the owner of the Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers released a video on Twitter of Tepper speaking about his takeaways from the season and how he wants to shape 2019.

“Well, I mean, I think it’s been, uh, pretty much of a whirlwind when you really get into it, how fast everything goes by,” said Tepper.

He said his first takeaway was how much he enjoyed the Charlotte region and the people.

Since becoming the team's owner, he said the amount of emotional attachment surprised him, as did how much he cared.

“Care about winning, care about losing, care about things that happen in the stadium, care about fans,” said Tepper.

Tepper said he took his time to learn the team, people and coaches.

According to Tepper, he believed that there were issues with the defense and miscommunication on the field that led to the team's losses.

"There's no secrets there. Cam's shoulder was obviously an issue the second half of the season," Tepper told Bill Voth, of Panthers.com, in Tepper's first comments about the 2018 season.

He said the team is hopeful to make the right choices this upcoming season and for seasons to come.

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