Disturbing surveillance video released from unsolved deadly Beatties Ford shooting

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police have released new surveillance video from the scene of a deadly shooting earlier this year in Charlotte.

Investigators said Thursday that they have made some major connections in the shooting during a block party last June that ended with nine people shot. Three of those victims died and another person was killed after being run over in the chaos.

“It’s a miracle we came out when we did and it wasn’t more traumatic than what occurred,” said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Chief of Police Johnny Jennings.

Authorities have been working nonstop since the tragedy on Beatties Ford Road almost five months ago.

On Friday morning, investigators released new video from June 22, showing two men in an SUV firing guns while more shots rang out around them. Dozens of people can be seen scrambling for cover.

Police said they don’t know if anyone was struck by the gunfire shown in the video but they would like to speak to the individuals seen in the footage.

>> WATCH BELOW: Surveillance video from June 2 deadly shooting (viewer discretion is advised)

Lieutenant Bryan Crum has been working this case since the beginning. He said the men in the video don’t have any pending charges and he believes they weren’t the first to fire shots that night. Crum does think they have critical information about what happened, like who did fire the first shots.

Jennings said all their other leads have run dry.

“That’s why we’re here today, because we’re calling on the help of the community. We’re at a point in the investigation where we need assistance,” Jennings said.

ATF Group Supervisor Anthony Spotswood said they’ve processed more than 180 shell casings and determined that at least 10 guns were involved.

The ATF uses a technology called NIBIN (National Integrated Ballistic Information Network) -- a database of markings on shell casings -- to look for clues. Agents said that technology helped link those guns to other violence across Charlotte and the entire state.

“This one casing found at Beatties Ford was connected to six other crime scenes across the city,” Spotswood said. “Those include shootings, attempted homicides, carjackings.”

Investigators hope those links will lead to suspects, but they still need the public’s help. The reward money for information leading to an arrest in this case sits at $22,000.

>> In the video below, Channel 9′s Allison Latos gets access to the ATF investigation, the clues agents discovered and the connection to other violence in Charlotte.