Police: Teacher pulls gun during possible road rage incident in McDonald's drive-thru

MORGANTON, N.C. — A Burke County Schools elementary school teacher is facing scrutiny –- though no criminal charges, as of now –- after allegedly pulling a gun outside of a McDonald's in Morganton in what police are investigating as a possible case of road rage.

Police say the teacher called 911 and pulled out her gun after another driver got out of her car and began walking toward her. They say it happened after the teacher was cut off in the drive-thru.

The teacher told the 911 operator she took her gun out and placed it on the dashboard of her vehicle.

Zahra Jolicouer said she was still in disbelief about what happened.

“I look over to this woman and she’s waving this gun like so in the direction of my vehicle where I have three toddler children,” she said.

Jolicouer admits both she and the other driver got into a heated argument after the teacher believed she had been cut off.

The school district sent a statement about the incident, saying “We take concerns involving our employees very seriously.”

The district said its HR department is investigating the incident.

Jolicouer said the gun was already out before she got out of the car and told Channel 9 she was trying to protect the children in her car.

Police have not charged the teacher or Jolicouer in the incident.