'Guests thought we staged it': Uptown power outage leaves wedding in the dark

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A power outage affected at least 250 customers in uptown Saturday evening, including a wedding, officials said.

The power went out around 5 p.m. Sunday between the Trade Street intersection and the Ninth Street intersection, including College Street and Tryon Street in uptown.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fire Department said commercial businesses had to be evacuated due to fire code.

Levine Museum of New South was one of many buildings evacuated, but there was actually a wedding ceremony happening there when the power went out.

Gian and Alanna Toro said they had to finish their vows in the dark before having to move their wedding reception to a nearby hotel. They said they had to bring all their guests, food, decorations and entertainment with them.

"We were in the middle of our vows. Right after the officiant asked me something, I don't remember what it was, to be honest with you, but right when I respond, ‘I will,' the power cuts. And it was so perfect, some of our guests actually thought we actually staged it," Gian Toro said.

Toro said the power outage didn't stop them from having a great time Saturday night and said they think the outage actually made their wedding more fun.

"We were very fortunate she got 100 candles to go around the museum including down the staircase, so we got some fantastic pictures in there," said Toro.

Officials said although around 250 customers were affected, an entire building could count as a single customer, so more people could be affected.

According to Duke Energy, the outage was caused by a damaged underground cable. They said they worked through the night to find it and fix it, and that power was restored around noon Sunday.