Rae Carruth sends son money after being released from prison

CHARLOTTE — Saundra Adams, the grandmother of Chancellor Lee, told anchor Erica Bryant they've received a monumental gesture from Rae Carruth that they want to acknowledge.

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The former Carolina Panther was released from prison in October 2018 after serving 19 years for orchestrating the murder of his girlfriend, Cherica Adams.

Cherica Adams was pregnant with their child, Chancellor Lee, when she was shot multiple times.




She died but her son survived after doctors performed an emergency c-section.

He was deprived of oxygen in utero and now lives with cerebral palsy. Saundra Adams has raised Chancellor Lee.

Channel 9 learned Thursday that Carruth sent Saundra and Chancellor Lee several thousand dollars, which was delivered through the court system.

There was not a letter or any sort of communication attached with the money, according to Adams.

She told Erica she does not know how to reach Carruth personally but wanted to publicly acknowledge his gift because she said it speaks volumes.

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