Report: NC ranked worst state for helping children receive treatment for mental illness

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There are millions of children across the United States living with mental illness. The latest data shows it is one is every seven children.

A new study shows only half of them are actually being treated and a state-by-state breakdown reveals North Carolina as the worst in the nation.

Researchers from the Journal of the American Medical Association - Pediatrics spoke to the parents of nearly 50 million children between the ages of 6 and 18.

Officials said 7.7 million of these children had at least one diagnosed mental health condition like depression, anxiety, or ADHD.

Of those, they said only half received treatment or counseling in the last year.

Reasons why for the lack of treatment ranged from families worried about the stigma, the cost of treatment, and the severe shortage of mental health providers who will see children and adolescents.

The Journal ranked North Carolina last when it comes to children not getting the help they need.

North Carolina sits at just over 72 percent.

South Carolina ranks between 46 and 53 percent.

The national average is just over 49 percent.

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