Residents fed up with stolen packages at South End condos

CHARLOTTE — Residents at a South End condo complex have reached their limit with package thieves.

Two strangers were able to get past security, into the building, and then stole from one of the residents.

To get into the Village of South End Condos, you need a code. The pair were given the code for a pizza delivery from Benny’s Pizza, then left with a package taken from another resident.

Resident Matthew Longley said it’s common for him to see people he doesn’t recognize.

“People just let them in because they say they’re with DoorDash, or they say they’re with certain companies,” he sad.

Channel 9′s Erika Jackson spoke to the president of the condo association, who said a Ring doorbell camera was able to catch the two people as they walked down the hall with the stolen package. The victim has filed a report with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Jackson reached out to Benny’s Pizza and learned that the restaurant partners with DoorDash for all deliveries.

DoorDash confirmed to Jackson that one of the people seen in the video was an employee, but they’re no longer working with DoorDash.

“We have zero tolerance for theft of any kind on the DoorDash platform,” said a DoorDash spokesperson. “The Dasher has been deactivated and we are reaching out to the customer and property management directly.”

Residents said management put up signs in the building warning neighbors to be cautious of who they let inside. Longley said he plans to go beyond that suggestion to protect everyone.

“I’m going to make sure all of my packages are delivered to my door first and ask for name and identification before letting anyone in,” he said.

The woman whose package was stolen didn’t want to go on camera, but she told Jackson she generally does feel safe living in her building.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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