School board member De La Jara looks back on a 4-year term after not running for re-election

CHARLOTTE — Although one of the most outspoken members of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education has decided not to run again this year, Jennifer De La Jara isn’t ruling out another run for political office.

Last January, De La Jara announced she would not run for re-election after first joining the board in 2019.

Ahead of her last school board meeting at the end of December, education reporter Jonathan Lowe joined De La Jara at an Uptown restaurant owned by her and her husband.

During her four-year term, De La Jara was influential in many major decisions, from shutting down schools and enforcing remote learning during the pandemic to being involved in debates about book bans and issues surrounding LGBTQ+ students.

“Sometimes there are real reasons why school board members need to push back, and maybe vote no, or maybe offer amendments, and I think that that’s important work that needs to continue to happen,” De La Jara said, “I’m proud to have been part, particularly this past year to offer some thoughtful amendments because the public responds to that’s what we needed from our public officials.”

>>>In the video at the top of the story, De La Jara looks back at her time on the school board and looks forward to her next political endeavor.

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