Shoppers surprised at South Carolina’s most popular gift for 2019

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The most popular Christmas gift in South Carolina for 2019 has surprised many people, WPDE reported.

According to a study that looks at Google Trends, the gift was Play-Doh.

“I would expect something more like an iPhone, or some sort of big watch, or a toy,” said shopper Sean Wyatt.

In North Carolina, the top gift was a Blume Doll, which is a flower pot that, when water is sprinkled over it, grows a mystery doll, according to the study.

Another shopper said her daughter loves Play-doh but was surprised so many other kids do, as well.

“I know it doesn’t surprise her, that’s one of her favorite toys,” said shopper Wendy Peoples.

The most popular gift across the country was a Nerf Gun, followed by a Nintendo Switch.

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