‘Something wrong’: Mother buys candy for 6-year-old son, realizes later it was Delta-9

CHARLOTTE — A Fort Mill mom said she bought a bag of what she thought was candy for her son.

However, it was Delta 9, a legal form of THC.

Catherine Buttereit said she took her son to a hospital after he ingested the edibles.

Now, she has a warning for others.

“I was terrified,” Buttereit said. “I thought I had killed my child.”

They went to lunch Friday at the Common Market in South End, and she bought a bag that caught her six-year-old child’s eye.

“He was pointing to something on the counter, but I was I was trying to order and pay,” the mother said. “I was just like, what? And he’s like, ‘Look. They have freeze-dried Skittles.’”

“He handed it to me,” she said. “I handed it to the cashier.”

Buttereit admits her son indulged in the colorful treats.

Then, she said he started feeling and acting strangely.

“He grabs his head, and he said, ‘My mind is wobbly.’ And I was like, something in my mom-brain was like, there’s something wrong,” Buttereit said.

Her fiancé took a closer look at the label.

“He’s like, ‘It’s Delta 9,’” she said. “And I still don’t know what that means. And he’s like, ‘It’s like pot.’”

A spokesperson for the Common Market said his team improved signage for those products as an added precaution.

He said it’s the store’s policy to keep the products in a case or behind the counter. His staff is trained to educate customers when buying those types of products.

Buttereit said her son is home after spending six hours in the ER.

She wants to share her story to protect other families from a similar situation.

“I felt like it was such a crazy series of events, but it could happen to somebody else,” Buttereit said.

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