Suspect fired more than 140 rounds in Mooresville standoff, deputies say

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — Deputies say a man fired dozens of rounds at them over more than five hours before he was found dead inside a home.

It happened Saturday in Mooresville at a home on Northampton Drive. The suspect, 27-year-old Dylan Maslon, died from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot, investigators said.

Iredell County investigators told Channel 9′s Dave Faherty they believe 140 rounds were fired from the home, and some came from a high-powered rifle.

Deputies told Faherty the gunfire damaged some of their police equipment, including an Iredell County Sheriff’s Office armored vehicle that was hit several times. They said they believe that vehicle, a Bearcat, saved lives.

Maslon shot the rifle at the Bearcat, damaging the windshield after he hit it twice with .380-caliber rounds, authorities said. It suffered tens of thousands in damage from the shooting.

Deputies said first responders initially went to the home early Saturday morning. They had gotten a call from a family member concerned about Maslon.

Investigators say firefighters backed out of the home after Maslon flashed a knife. Shortly after deputies arrived, they said Maslon fired at them. A deputy was injured, leading to the standoff.

Faherty spoke with the deputies Monday about the importance of the armored vehicle.

“A lot of people don’t understand why we need to have armored vehicles, the vest and the helmets and stuff like that,” Maj. Troy Miller said. “But you can see from this incident on Saturday how important it is.”

The $275,000 vehicle was paid for by money seized during drug investigations. Deputies said it was used to break down the door and keep officers safe.

Just down the street, Barbara Foster counted the hundreds of rounds fired during the hours-long standoff. She said deputies had no choice but to use the armored vehicle to get closer to the home.

“I can’t imagine. They were sitting ducks,” Foster said. “He was shooting outside the windows up on the second floor. And it was shot after shot after shot.”

“It’s hard to imagine how you would approach a situation like this. Because without cover and protection, it puts our officers in danger,” Maj. Miller said.

Faherty learned the deputy who was shot was treated for a minor wound to her leg and was back on the job Monday.

(WATCH BELOW: Homicide suspect in custody after hourslong standoff, police source says)

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