Town of Pineville relocates substation plans to new property

PINEVILLE, N.C. — After an uproar, the Pineville Town Council voted on a new location to build a controversial electrical substation.

For months, we’ve been reporting on the efforts by Pineville to build a substation close to the McCullough neighborhood. In March, the town council voted to build it right along Miller Road off Highway 51.

The plan was to use eminent domain to take the needed property from Miller’s Flea Market. It also would have been built next to several homes.

Neighbors were outraged and worried about potential health safety and concerns.

But on Tuesday night, the Pineville Town Council voted to buy a piece of property on Nations Ford Road off Highway 51. The land was purchased from the owner of the Miller’s Flea Market who preferred the substation be built there.

The town paid $305,000 for the 1.44 acres and easements.

The new plan now keeps the substation away from homes.

It’s expected to be built and running by September 2026.

(WATCH BELOW: Town says proposed substation in Pineville is needed to keep up with growth)