Turnout for NC runoff elections was so low, results could identify voters

RALEIGH, N.C. — So few people voted in Tuesday’s runoff election that North Carolina election officials are removing election results from their website.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections said it’s pulling precinct-level information from each county.

In a statement, the NCSBE said it might be possible to figure out who someone voted for. They said someone could look at the in-person results from a voting site or from mail-in ballots and, along with voter history records, could potentially identify voters’ choices.

A combination of low voter turnout and the likelihood that people voted for the same candidates in each race are causing the problem.

The website still shows overall county-level and statewide results, and results by voting method for each county.

Republicans and unaffiliated voters who voted Republican in the March primary were eligible to vote in the elections.

Republican candidates in three local races and one statewide race didn’t reach the 30% threshold needed to move on to the primary.

Election results show a little more than 133,000 people cast ballots in Tuesday’s race. For context, just over 1.8 million people voted in the March primary election.

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