Veterans assist with repairing home badly damaged by storm

LENOIR, N.C. — A veteran and his family are getting help from other veterans after a storm badly damaged their home in Lenoir.

The homeowner said a large tree came down through the middle of their home last month along Perkins Place.

The family told Channel 9 that they hired Battle Born Builders to remove the tree and repair the roof.

The business, which is owned by a veteran, said it had received donations to give the family a new kitchen.

“Dealing with mental health and PTSD, this is my mental health. You know being able to still be there for my brothers and sisters even though I’m not technically enlisted. Our oath has no expiration date,” said Stephen Sharar with Battle Born Builders.

The homeowner also thanked his church, the Red Cross, and other civic organizations for helping his family while the repairs were made to their home.

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