Warrants shed new light on investigation into Allisha Watts’ disappearance

CHARLOTTE — Search warrants obtained by Channel 9 show that investigators are looking for evidence of murder in the disappearance of Allisha Watts.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officers searched an Audi and the home where Allisha Watts was last seen, which was also where her boyfriend lived. The home is on Pamela Lorraine Drive.

Investigators in Anson County have previously identified Allisha Watts’ boyfriend as James Dunmore. However, CMPD will not say whether he is a suspect or even a person of interest in the investigation.

The warrants show that officers were looking for any evidence of murder at Dunmore’s home and in the car at the home. The car is referred to as “the vehicle to be searched that was involved in the incident.” —

In the narrative, police said on July 19, officers responded to a check the welfare call for service at the home at Pamela Lorraine Drive. The person who called said her cousin, Allisha Watts, was last seen there on July 16 and has not been heard from since. She said the home was James Dunmore’s.

The cousin said she saw Watts getting into the passenger side of her own car with Dunmore getting into the driver’s seat on July 16.

Police said cell phone records show Watts’ phone, Dunmore’s phone, and car all returned home to Pamela Lorraine Drive around 3 p.m. on July 16, and all three remained at that location until around 6 a.m. on July 18.


The caller also said Watts and Dunmore missed a comedy show at the Bojangles Coliseum she had bought tickets for on July 16. The caller said Watts owns her own business and hadn’t shown up for work all week or been in contact with any of her employees, which was highly unusual. She also hadn’t responded to phone calls or text messages from her family or friends since the morning of July 17.

On July 19, the Foxfire Police Department checked Watts’ home, along with her family, and confirmed she was not there.

Watts’ car was found in Anson County on July 18, and her boyfriend, who police said was the only person living at the home on Pamela Lorraine Drive, was inside. He appeared to have survived a suicide attempt, investigators said, and Watts was not in the car.

A search warrant for the home was issued, where police seized clothing, cellphones, a camera, tablet, laptop, memory card, swabs, and photos.

In a statement to Channel 9, CMPD said it is still investigating the case as a missing persons case.

“At this time, this is an active and ongoing missing persons case,” the statement reads. “There are no new developments at this time regarding her location. Several law enforcement agencies as well as the family are cooperating with CMPD. Detectives remain vigilant to locate Allisha Watts and are hoping for a positive outcome. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call 9-1-1 immediately.”

VIDEO: Prayer vigil held in Moore County

Friends and family members in Moore County prayed Tuesday night for Watts’ safe return.

The event was held in Southern Pines, which is Watts’ hometown.

“I really do miss her, and I really hope that we can make sure that we bring her home,” an attendee at the prayer vigil said.

“I am praying that she is still alive,” another community member said. “I’m hoping that she is just somewhere where she cannot get away from.”

Earlier, Channel 9 spoke with Watts’ cousin, Gwen Utley, who was the first person to report her missing.

“A lot of us, we’re loss for words right now,” Utley said.

Utley read the search warrant for the first time.

“I’m just still trying to keep hope,” she said. “I’m trying to stay positive through this whole thing. I don’t want to give up. We don’t want to give up.”

Utley continued, “All I know is my cousin. She didn’t deserve this. She didn’t deserve this at all. She was a good person, and she would help anybody she can.”

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