Watch out for scammers promising driver’s license without the wait

CHARLOTTE — Action 9 has a warning about scammers promising they can get you a driver’s license without waiting or going to the Division of Motor Vehicles.

Police recently charged Jose Chavez. They say he told a driver he could cut through the red tape and get her a license for $1,500.

Officers told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke he didn’t even have any ties to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles and -- even if he had -- there aren’t any tricks to skipping steps in the process.

Police say he was going after the Hispanic population, people who may be going through the immigration process and need a license, but don’t yet have all the papers they need yet.

“Somebody that has the need ... of course, [the scammer] is going to see the need and is like, ‘I can get that.’ And then that’s how you create victims,” said Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Claudio Jimenez.

Bottom line: There’s only one way to get a driver’s license and it’s through the DMV. There aren’t any shortcuts.

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