Young porch pirate waves at doorbell camera after swiping packages from Charlotte home

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A southwest Charlotte community is all a buzz after a neighbor shared doorbell video showing a young girl waving at the camera after stealing packages from his front porch.

That neighbor, who doesn’t want to be identified, told Channel 9 the girl took off with his his jacket and other belongings that were just dropped off that day.

“I figure this young lady may be no more than in 8th grade,” he said.

He’s not the only victim -- another neighbor told Channel 9 a woman’s wedding present was taken right off her porch. We also spoke to a woman who said her medicine package was found in the woods, torn open.

(WATCH BELOW: Girl waves to camera after swiping packages from front porch)

“Things are bad enough as it is, and to go up to your door and take your packages -- it’s crazy,” she said.

Police said they’re investigating the video but have not said whether the young porch pirate is behind all of the thefts in the area. Regardless, neighbors said her parents need to step up.

“I hope police catch her and have a conversation with her parents about her stealing before it becomes a bigger issue,” one neighbor said.

The president of the neighborhood association told Channel 9 they’re going to discuss the video at their next meeting and possibly vote to hire private security to help protect the packages outside their homes.