• SC deputies search beach for old bombs after Hurricane Dorian


    CHARLESTON, S.C. - As the Carolina coast starts to clean up and repair damages left behind by Hurricane Dorian, some South Carolina deputies started by searching the beach for anything dangerous that could have washed up from the storm. 

    Thursday, the Charleston County Sheriff's Office said deputies scanned the beach for old bombs and ordnances that could have been revealed by beach erosion during Dorian. 

    "Both their task and their view are uniquely Charleston County," according to their Facebook post. 

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    Deputies said the beach was clear. 

    Last year, heavy winds and churned waters brought by Hurricane Matthew unearthed a stack of cannonballs likely from the Civil War era on Folly Beach, South Carolina.

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    The Civil War started at nearby Fort Sumter in 1861.

    Armor-piercing rounds dating back to World War II also surfaced on Topsail Island Beach in North Carolina after Hurricane Florence in 2018.

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