• 7-foot-long boa constrictor found after escaping when NC owner forgets to lock cage

    By: Lauren Padgett, Cox Media Group National Content Desk


    BURLINGTON, N.C. - A massive boa constrictor has been found after it escaped from its cage Sunday morning. 

    The constrictor's owner Wolf Massey said the snake had just had a big meal and was moving slowly and was found hiding under the deck. 

    The boa constrictor was on the loose in a North Carolina neighborhood after its owner admits to accidentally leaving the animal’s enclosure unlocked.

    The non-venomous snake, named Abaddon, is 7 feet long and nearly 30 lbs., animal control officials said. 

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    Massey posted about her lost snake on Facebook, saying Abaddon has been lost since Sunday morning.

    Massey asked anyone who finds the snake to not hurt it.

    “She is my pet, and I love and care about her just as much as one may love and care about a dog or cat, albeit more. She means so immensely much to me,” Massey posted.

    Officials said that the animal is not aggressive and that animal control is working with the owner to track it down.

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