SPONSORED: Toyota of N Charlotte talks city mileage vs highway mileage

city miles

When it comes down to it, what type of mileage is worse for your car? This isn’t a question that too many drivers ask themselves. Most drivers focus on the overall number of miles on the car and then go from there, but where the miles were acquired is important, too. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to explain the difference between highway miles and city miles so you can better shop for a used car!

Should you worry more about city miles or highway miles?

Believe it or not, there’s a BIG difference when it comes to city miles versus highway miles. Let’s take a closer look at how they differ and which is actually going to take more of a toll on your vehicle.
City miles: Some people think that city miles are easier on a car; unfortunately, that’s not the case. When you drive your N Charlotte Toyota in the city, you’re more likely to face stop-and-go traffic. This takes a toll on your brakes, engine, and transmission. And did we mention it kills your fuel efficiency? City driving is also more prone to accidents since you’re in close proximity with other cars, especially in heavy traffic. And finally, when you drive your Toyota in the city you’re more likely to do damage to the suspension. There’s more road work, more potholes, and more curbs in the city, and all of them can wreak havoc on your car.
Highway miles: Believe it or not, highway miles are better for your car. People assume that because you’re driving long distances and pushing your car to perform at high speeds, it’s rougher on your vehicle. Not the case! Highway miles are better because your car may be traveling at a high speed, but it’s traveling at a constant speed. This is better for your engine, transmission, and brakes; it also boosts your fuel efficiency nice and high, especially if you’re using cruise control while on the road. When you’re driving highway miles you’re also less likely to encounter road construction and potholes, doing your suspension a favor. And unless there’s bad traffic, you’re less likely to be in close quarters with other cars, which reduces your chances of getting into an accident.

Shop for a Charlotte used car with confidence!

So now that you know which miles are tougher on a vehicle, you’re even MORE prepared to shop for a Charlotte used car. Feel free to ask the seller where most of the miles were accrued and what their day-to-day commute looked like in the car. This should help you get a better idea of the wear and tear the car has been through and you can request car maintenance records to go along with the CarFax report.
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