The Erica Parsons Story: Who is ‘Nan’?

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — Casey and Sandy Parsons, the adoptive parents convicted of killing Erica Parsons, lied for years about what happened to their 13-year-old adoptive daughter.

Erica Parsons was last seen in 2011, but was reported missing nearly two years later. Her remains were found in 2016.

Casey and Sandy claimed they had last seen Erica in December 2011 at a McDonald’s in Mooresville.

They told investigators Erica’s biological grandmother, a woman named Irene “Nan” Goodman, had contacted them through Facebook, asking to start a relationship with Erica.

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The Parsons said they let Nan take Erica to Asheville.

Detectives said that story was all a lie. They acknowledge there are people by that name, but none related to Erica.

In September 2013, a month after deputies announced there was no “Nan,” Casey let our Dave Faherty into her home.

(WATCH PAST COVERAGE: Casey Parsons lets Channel 9′s Dave Faherty into her home)

Then, Casey and Sandy took their story to national TV and the “Dr. Phil” show, where the couple stuck to their story.

(WATCH PAST COVERAGE: The Parsons tell their story on Dr. Phil)

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