Charlotte group awarded mentoring program of the year

The Males Place has been consistently helping youth since 1993

Each January, in conjunction with National Mentoring Month, the Mayor’s Mentoring Alliance honors the remarkable mentoring work that takes place in the Charlotte community.

The alliance highlights the achievements of individuals and organizations that have made it their mission to inspire and motivate youths and their families to continue to lead positive lives.

There were four award categories: grassroots mentoring organization of the year, best collaboration in mentoring, mentor of the year and mentee of the year.

The Males Place was awarded grassroots mentoring organization of the year.

The Males Place, Inc., established in 1993, has consistently demonstrated superior leadership work by supporting young men in our community, and continuing to do so throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Led by Reggie Singleton, the organization focuses on intervention through self-awareness, which leads to a reduction in youth delinquency.

“Effective mentors may fill the gap when those socializing forces are inadequate,” said Baba Reggie Singleton, founder and director of The Males Place. “Effective mentoring delays early sexual involvement and unintended pregnancy, reduces crime, violence, and gives those that are marginalized and victimized by the inequalities of society a chance at a productive life.”

Singleton was raised by a single mother with a supportive group of family and friends,

Singleton saw early on the impact and benefits of a mentor.  He saw positive images and had healthy consistent relationships with teachers, coaches and hardworking family men.

“Much of who I am and have become can be attributed to mentorship,” Singleton said. “I want to ensure opportunities are available for all males regardless of their ZIP codes.”

Singleton serves as an effective leader for the young men they serve and consistently exposes them to hands-on experience in growing their own food, while serving individuals and neighborhoods within areas of our city where grocery stores are scarce.

“This past year has displayed our need for meaningful relationships more than ever. You rose to the challenge and persisted. You prioritized healthy relationships and served our youth during a time when they needed additional support the most,” said Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles.

Lyles acknowledged the meaningful work performed by mentoring agencies and individuals in Charlotte, along with the dedication required to support the social and emotional well-being of our future community leaders.

The overall mission of The Males Place is to provide comprehensive and prevention-based behavior health, educational programming, mentoring and life skills training necessary for manhood development for African American boys ages 12-18, and create a safe environment for young men to grow in community settings in the United States and abroad.

“To serve as mentors, we know firsthand the characteristics that best accompany the role of a generous spirit. An ear to listen without judgment. The ability to relate to youth while encouraging and supporting them in pursuit of their own destiny,” Lyles said.

The Mayor’s Mentoring Alliance connects Charlotte organizations to promote mentoring and its best practices through training sessions and workshops, recognition and establishing quality standards for mentoring in the city.

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