• Action 9: Customers complain about owner of pool company's other business too


    MATTHEWS, N.C. - Dozens of local families each paid Charlotte Fiberglass Swimming Pools tens of thousands of dollars.  But, they said, the business took longer than expected, gave them the runaround, and -- in some cases — wanted them to sign an agreement not to complain publicly. 

    The owner, Nuiry Ortiz, also owned the business next door, Modern Backyard.  It sold outdoor furniture, playsets, and grills.  

    Ann Gore bought a playset for her grandchildren.  But, she said, Modern Backyard didn't finish the job.  

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    "It was just promises and promises.  'Oh, yeah, we're coming.  We've ordered the mulch.  We've ordered the plastic borders.  We'll be there.'  And just didn't happen," she said.  "We'd come.  We'd get off work.  We'd sit and wait.  And nobody would come."

    The mulch and plastic borders are supposed to go around the playset to protect the grass and -- more importantly -- her grandchildren.

    She financed the set.  It was $2,500.  She told Action 9 she paid $500 so far and is afraid the lender still expects the full amount.  "Angry.  Very angry," she said.

    She and three other customers complained to the North Carolina Attorney General's office, accusing Modern Backyard of delays, excuses, and the runaround.  Action 9 followed up with those three.  They said their issues got resolved -- or partly resolved -- but that it wasn’t easy.  One says it took four months and getting a lawyer involved.  One says it took two months to get a cover he was owed, but that it doesn't fit properly.  The other says his credit card company -- not Modern Backyard -- reimbursed his money. 

    The Better Business Bureau counts 15 complaints against the business in the last 12 months.  It said it talked to Ortiz and that her husband died, so she said she closed the business.

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    Jason:  "Did they tell you that they were closing?"
    Gore:  "No."
    Jason:  "They didn't even hint at that?"
    Gore:  "No."
    Jason:  "You found out the hard way?"
    Gore:  "Yeah."

    Both are out business.

    The North Carolina Attorney General's office told Action 9 it's now officially investigating complaints against both businesses.  

    Action 9 tried getting in touch with the owner multiple ways this week.  It also emailed her attorney. Neither had responded by 5 p.m. Thursday. 

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