• Young widow hoped new home meant fresh start but says house has problems

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    INDIAN TRAIL, N.C. - Megan Courtney said her husband, Kenny, was her "best friend on the planet."  

    She said, "Our friends always say our names were synonymous with each other. It was Kenny and Megan. Megan and Kenny. Never one without the other."  

    Then, Kenny had brain cancer and died in his mid-30s.

    Megan wanted a fresh start for her and her three kids, so she bought a house in Indian Trail.

    "This place is beautiful. It's healing, it's everything I could even imagine wanting for my children," she said.

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    The house was brand-new, but months after they moved in, she "noticed my floors starting to separate ever so slightly."

    So Megan complained. She said no one fixed the floors and she thought maybe it was just normal house "settling," so she decided to let it go for a while.

    "Over time, it's gotten worse and worse," she said.

    So she complained again. But the warranty company, Quality Builders Warranty, said the warranty had expired by that point.  

    "It's taxing, I'm already exhausted.  I already have enough on my plate," she told Action 9. "I would never ever build a house ever again."

    So Megan's in a tight spot. The company told Action 9 she still has options. Action 9 asked the company to name them, but the company wouldn't.

    When you buy new construction:

    • Know when the builder warranty expires. That's different than a home warranty.
    • File any claims before that date.
    • Put everything in writing. You want to be able to prove you followed all the warranty's rules. Create that paper trail.
    • Make sure you notify the company the way the contract says to. You don't want to void the warranty.

    After that, you may have to sue (if it's worth it).

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