8 mayors from the Carolinas in DC fighting for ‘ghost gun’ regulations

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Mayors from across the country, including eight from the Carolinas, will be in Washington D.C. Thursday fighting for regulation on “ghost guns.”

The guns are bought online and assembled at home. They have no serial numbers and are essentially untraceable.

Officials said they're being used more and more in violent crimes and the mayors are calling on Congress to act.

Some communities aren't waiting.

"We banned ghost guns in Columbia, South Carolina," said Columbia Mayor Stephen K. Benjamin.

However, there are no statewide bans in either North Carolina or South Carolina.

The number of ghost guns police confiscated from crime scenes climbed from three in 2017 to more than 115 last year.

Channel 9 has investigated ghost guns and learned they also go by the name “80% guns” because the gun receivers -- the part that actually fires -- aren't 100% complete.

They’re also not considered actual guns, which means they’re not regulated by the ATF.

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