Former pastor behind bars for murder now charged with killing missing Charlotte woman

IREDELL COUNTY, N.C. — A man already serving a life sentence for murder is now charged with killing a woman who disappeared in Charlotte more than three years ago, according to investigators.

Timothy Crumitie, 54, is charged in the murder of Anastasia Meaders.

Meaders, 29, was last seen in June 2016 and was reported missing by family members in August 2016. It was the same year that police had found her abandoned car in a Mooresville park.

More than two years later, in January 2019, detectives found skeletal remains in a wooded area just miles from where her car was found. Months later, investigators said DNA from one of the victim’s teeth confirmed the remains were of Meaders.

Detectives said interviews with her family members and other witnesses all pointed to Crumitie as a possible suspect.

Meaders was reported missing around the same time in 2016 that Crumitie attacked and shot her mother, Kimberly Cherry, and killed Cherry’s boyfriend, Michael Gretsinger.

Devona Davidson said Thursday she is grateful that Crumitie is facing a murder charge in the death of her niece, Meaders.

“I knew from the beginning that he did it,” Davidson said. “I knew from the start when she went missing that it was him.”

Crumitie was sentenced to life behind bars last year for those crimes.

“I hope he gets the death penalty,” Davidson said. “I hope he suffers the same way my family has suffered and the other victims’ families have suffered.”

Timothy Crumitie

Detectives said Crumitie was the pastor of a church in Concord where he met Cherry and Meaders.

They determined through phone records that Meaders’ last communication was with a family member on June 24, 2016, and believe Crumitie was the last person she was seen with.

Channel 9 has been reporting on Crumitie for years. He’s been at the center of several mysterious deaths and crimes.


In April 2016, deputies said Crumitie was living with an elderly woman in Rowan County who died under “questionable circumstances.” At some point, deputies said he was appointed as power of attorney and executor over her estate.

In July 2013, Concord police investigated the murder of Crumitie’s wife. Crumitie claimed a man named James Blanks shot and killed her after he broke into the couple’s home. Crumitie then said he shot and killed Blanks during a struggle.

“When my phone rings, I am like hopin’ it’s a detective saying, ‘We have enough evidence to charge Timothy Crumitie,'” said Blanks’ sister Rochelle Blanks.

In December 2013, Crumitie burned his home to the ground. He was convicted of insurance fraud in 2015.

In September 2005, Crumitie was arrested for the murder of his business partner, Danny Daye Johnson, in Mecklenburg County. He spent five years in prison, but charges were later dropped for lack of evidence.

In September 1989, Crumitie was arrested for armed robbery in Onslow County. He served eight years in prison and was released in 1998.

After decades of investigations with Crumitie at the center, the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office served him an arrest warrant for the murder of Meaders on Tuesday.

Deputies said they’re still investigating and working with other agencies to resolve cases that are still open.

“We know his accounts don’t add up. That we’ve always felt he’s criminally responsible for the deaths of his wife and Mr. Blanks,” said Maj. Bobby Ledwell, with the Concord Police Department.

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