Car show participants have classic vehicles stolen from hotel parking lot

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Several people in town for a car show over the weekend say they had their hot rods stolen.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police is investigating after two men from different states said their cars were stolen from a hotel parking lot along West W.T. Harris Boulevard sometime overnight Saturday.

Garrett Reed, who drove to Charlotte from Georgia, said he had his 1984 Chevy Monte Carlo SOS stolen.

“I knew the two cars I parked between and it wasn’t there,” Reed said. “I legit thought it was a joke at first and then I ran downstairs. That’s when I ran into the gentleman that had parked to the left of me and his car had just gotten stolen too.”

Even more bizarre, Reed said, is that the car thief managed to get away with his vehicle, even though he had detached the steering wheel and had it in the room with him.

Another victim, Tom Childress said he had to drive his rental car back home to Ohio instead of his 1983 Chevy Malibu Station Wagon.

"The best that I hope for is that this will deter more people from doing it in the future," Reed said. "It's a terrible feeling."

Police are still investigating and said no one has been charged.