Carolina Strong: Dilworth residents work to keep their neighborhood parks clean

CHARLOTTE — This is the time of year when many of us are using public parks.

Two Dilworth residents have a passion for keeping up their neighborhood parks so they can enjoy them.

Nancy Nicholson and Ruth Ann Grissom told Channel 9 that they joined forces to do something about Latta Park nine years ago.

“We saw all the difficulties of this park, and they had lost a lot of funding with Parks and Recreation, so erosion was terrible.,” Nicholson said.

“People couldn’t even see the stone bridge anymore because the wisteria was coming over and coming out into the sidewalk and literally snapping trees,” Grissom explained.

Nicholson and Grissom have co-led the transformation of around 10 acres of the 31-acre park.

>> The other organizations that have aided them in their mission, in the video at the top of the page.

Every day, there are people across the Carolinas doing extraordinary things. They’re giving back, they’re helping each other, and they’re making a real difference. We’re highlighting the best in our community in our series, Carolina Strong.

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