• CMPD, community find new tactics addressing dangerous dirt bike riders on roads

    By: Tina Terry


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - There are major efforts to stop dirt bike riders from pulling stunts on busy Charlotte streets.

    [Police: Multiple people arrested for 'driving erratically' on ATVs, dirt]

    Dirt bikes and ATVs have been seen running red lights and defying traffic laws.

    Channel 9 has been following these issues since 2017.

    Residents, now, said the problem has gotten worse.

    "They're going down Freedom (Drive), popping wheelies, not wearing helmets," resident Shiann Miller.

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Lt. R.S. Cochran said some community members are working with the riders to find a safe, legal place for them to pull stunts.

    Police find it difficult to stop them because they can disappear into wooded areas.

    Miller said the stunts need to stop.

    "One of them is gonna be killed, or they're gonna cause a major wreck," she said.

    Cochran said police don't want to create greater danger by chasing them.

    "We attempt to stop them, get behind them, blue light them,” Cochran said. “But once they take off, that's it. We don't chase or pursue them.”

    CMPS is using new tactics by following the drivers in the air using its chopper, Snoopy.

    Police and community activists like Will Adams are trying to meet with the young riders. Adams recently invited them to participate in an anti-violence charity ride this month if they agree to stop breaking the law.

    Cochran says police are also meeting with residents so they can pay attention to where the bikes are stored and report that to police.

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