CMS leaders give update on bond referendum

CHARLOTTE — The $2.5 billion bond for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools is one of the most consequential items on the November ballot.

CMS leaders updated the school board on efforts to sway voters towards approving the bond.

“We’ve already talked about the lack of funding from the North Carolina education lottery; the state of North Carolina hasn’t done a bond since 1996 for school construction,” Dennis Lacaria of CMS said. “We went through lengthy community engagement process to get feedback.”

CMS bond supporters are on a blitz as election day nears.

“As a taxpayer, I think it’s the greatest thing that we could do because delaying these 30 projects and the projects that are to come behind these 30 projects would only cost us more money,” Sean Bird, a bond supporter, said.

Supporters of the bond have pointed out that a majority of the 30 projects the bond would fund are either in western or eastern Mecklenburg County, a part of town where many say schools have been neglected for too long.

However, there are opponents to the bond. Hamani Fisher makes it known her opposing the bond does not mean he is against public education.

“But if those students are not going to be able to take advantage of that, because their families cannot afford the taxes, and they have to move, then who takes advantage of it,” Fisher said. “This is going to hurt a part of our public that just can’t handle a tax increase.”

The African American Faith Alliance is holding a forum this Thursday. They said they will be presenting the case against the school bonds. It will start at 6:30 p.m. at the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

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Jonathan Lowe

Jonathan Lowe, wsoctv.com

Jonathan is a reporter for WSOC-TV.