Controversy over Citizens Review Board’s proposed subpoena power

CHARLOTTE — Activists across the country, including in Charlotte, feel that police need to be more transparent and need more oversight from citizens.

Some want the city’s Citizens Review Board to have the power of subpoena.


“I just want it to be equitable, not just for officers or CMPD employees,” said Robert Dawkins, of Action NC. “What you are able to do is, you’re able to get anybody that witnessed what happened to come before you, and right now you can’t.”

But some officers said that is too much.

“Subpoena power is not just something that’s handed out,” CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings said. “A great responsibility come with that.”

The CRB is made of citizens who want to make sure the police department is held accountable.

In the video at the top of this webpage, veteran crime reporter Glenn Counts speaks more with police officials about the contentious recommendation.