Dented, damaged and dirty: BBB takes action against Charlotte-based moving company

CHARLOTTE — A family says a Charlotte moving company finally delivered their belongings after holding them hostage for 329 days. But that family’s fight isn’t over -- now, the Better Business Bureau is taking new action against the company.

Channel 9′s Allison Latos has investigated complaints against Charlotte-based Global Moving for months.

The Kellys tell Channel 9 they are still caught up in a court battle suing the company after their nearly year-long nightmare. The told Latos when Global Moving finally delivered their stuff, a lot of items were dented, damaged and dirty.

“After 329 days in captivity, our belongings were finally delivered,” Brian Kelly told Latos.

But he said the way they were delivered is not how his possessions looked when he handed them over to Global Moving.

“A lot of them were smashed,” Kelly said. “A lot of plastic containers I used to move in were smashed. They did substantial damage to an heirloom grandfather clock.”

The Kellys hired Global Moving to relocate them from California to Texas last July. But after hauling away their items, Kelly says Global Moving demanded nearly $12,000 more. The Kellys refused to pay, then sued Global Moving for deceptive business practices. Then the moving company sued them for breach of contract.

Between fighting in court and buying new household items, the Kellys say the ordeal has become a financial burden.

“So a move that you thought would cost you roughly $7,500 is now pushing $100,000?” Latos asked.

“Yes that’s right. Absolutely. $100,000,” Kelly said.

But he said the fight was worth it.

“We’re willing to ride this out and go to court so they understand they can’t do this to other people,” he added.

Latos went to two addresses listed for Global Moving. The doors at Asbury Avenue were locked and there was no real Global Moving office at the West Morehead Street location.

When Latos called Global Moving’s customer service number, an employee said a manager would contact her. So far, she’s still waiting.

“Now they are ignoring the complaints,” said Tom Bartholomy with the Better Business Bureau. “They’re not working to resolve them. They’re not responding at all.”

Bartholomy says because of that lack of response, the BBB is taking new action to warn potential customers.

“They now have an ‘F’ rating, the lowest we can give a company,” he said. “They have 124 complaints in the last three years.”

The BBB told Latos it has alerted the North Carolina Utilities Commission about Global Moving’s failing grade, and it is in touch with attorneys general in several states.

The Kellys are still unpacking and documenting all the damage to their belongings. Their trial with Global Moving is set for October in Mecklenburg County court.

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