Tenants dealing with flood damage after storms drench Lancaster County

Tenants dealing with flood damage after storms drench Lancaster Co.

LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. — Dozens of people are working to repair damage inside their townhomes after flooding during Saturday’s storms destroyed their property.

One resident at the Dalton Ridge Apartments in Lancaster said that at one point, the floodwater in her living room was nearly waist deep.

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Some neighbors said they are concerned they have no where to go.

Tenants told Channel 9's Stephanie Tinoco their parking lot has flooded a bit in the past, but never caused damage to this extent.

"All of this was covered up in water," tenant Monica Hall said. "Water was up to here. Once I started walking, water got up to my chest. It was raining so much it just started to overflow and rushing through our back doors."

One tenant, who did not want to be identified, said dozens of cars in the parking lot were damaged in the flooding as well.

"It was very shocking," the resident said. "All the lights were coming on and turning off and blinking. It's just ruined."

Hall told Channel 9 she called her mom for help and then swam across multiple parking lots to meet her at the front entrance.

"I saw snakes, all types of debris," Hall said. "I didn't know if something was going to attack me. I was just like in survival mode for my life."

Sunday afternoon, Channel 9 watched as residents cleaned up and threw stuff out destroyed by the flood.

Hall said she believes her car is totaled and she fears what it will looked like once the rain returns.

"Our homes, our cars, will be filled with water once again tonight," Hall said.

Management said they are assessing every unit that was damaged, but they could not say how long it will take to restore everything.

They said tenants have the choice to stay in their units since the upper level was not affected.

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