Former Gastonia officer accused of selling drugs, using badge to buy guns

GASTONIA, N.C. — A former Gastonia police officer is accused of selling drugs and using her badge to buy guns for people. Those are just some of the 32 felonies that 26-year-old Officer Xana Dajanae Dove faces out of Gaston County.

Dove was arrested and charged Tuesday morning. She faced a judge on Wednesday, who upped her bond from $250,000 to $1 million. Dove also got a court-appointed attorney to represent her.

The charges stem from a joint investigation between the Gastonia Police Department and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

The allegations against her started last year. Prosecutors said Dove used her position as a police officer to commit crimes.

According to the district attorney, police learned about it all when a confidential informant had a picture of information only law enforcement should have. Officers had searched an informant’s phone and found an image of a background check that was obviously conducted by an officer.

An investigation revealed that Dove used police equipment to run searches for criminal warrants and check license plates and provided that information to other people, the district attorney said.

“One circumstance, she was paid for that particular information,” District Attorney Travis Page said.

Page also said Dove helped sell marijuana and fentanyl.

“There was a text message back to the defendant that said, ‘These pills aren’t strong enough. They need to be stronger,’” Page said.

Dove is additionally accused of helping others obtain guns, Page said.

“Using her status as a law enforcement officer to easily obtain firearms on at least one occasion,” Page said.

“Firearms?” the judge asked.

“Firearms. Yes, your honor,” he said.

Dove was charged with:

  • Fifteen counts of accessing a government Computer
  • One count of obstruction of Justice
  • One count of conspiring to sell marijuana
  • One count of conspiring to deliver marijuana
  • Four counts of felony conspiracy
  • Four count of conspiring to purchase a stolen motor vehicle
  • One count of possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana
  • Two counts of trafficking opiates by delivery
  • Two counts of trafficking opiates by transportation
  • Two counts of trafficking opiates by possession
  • Two counts of trafficking by sale

In court, Dove was apologetic and even told the judge she didn’t realize the things she did were wrong.

Dove “was separated from employment” with the City of Gastonia on Nov. 15, the police department stated. She was sworn in just last year.

“The men and women of the Gastonia Police Department deeply believe in their mission to serve, protect, and unite,” Gastonia Police Chief Trent Conard said in a statement. “The arrest of a former officer is unfortunate and former Officer Dove’s actions do not represent the outstanding work of the officers of this Department. We will respect the process of the District Attorney’s Office in bringing these charges to a resolution.”

Dove admitted in court that she had made mistakes.

“I understand now what I did was wrong and I’m trying to fix it,” she said. “I’m not no bad person or I’m not a bad girl. Like, I’m trying to fix everything I can.”

The former Gastonia police officer told the judge she ran searches for a relative who was an attorney and didn’t know that was wrong. She also said she was truthful with detectives who questioned her.

“Everything they wanted to know, I cooperated. Even with the drug stuff,” Dove said.

The judge called it troubling that this all happened during her short tenure as an officer.

“These actions present a danger to the public in person,” the judge said.

“I promise you, I’m not a danger to the public,” Dove said.

The judge didn’t believe that and increased her bond to $1 million.

Page said his office is currently reviewing all of the cases Dove worked as an officer to see if they can prosecute them without her testimony. If not, those cases may be dropped because she would now be considered an unreliable witness.

Dove was already facing charges out of Mecklenburg County after she was arrested on Sept. 28. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said Dove was accused of conspiring with her twin sister to steal more than $6,000 from Wells Fargo.

In that case, Dove is charged with two counts of obstruction of justice, conspiracy to obtain property by false pretenses, and filing a false police report. She faces a judge on Friday for that case.

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