Good Samaritan takes school shooting victim's mother to hospital

MATTHEWS, N.C. — Ann Norvell is trying to come to grips with the shooting at Butler High School but in a different way than many of the other parents.

Norvell was one of hundreds of worried parents who tried getting near the school Monday morning after she got a text from her daughter, a student at Butler.

Her daughter was safe but as she continued to wait in a parking lot near the school, she noticed another woman who also waiting. The woman looked like she had been crying and she told Norvell that she thought her son was the one who had been shot.

The woman had two other children with her; one was getting texts from other students at Butler that his brother, Bobby McKeithen, was the one who had been shot.

Norvell suggested the woman go straight to the hospital, but her car had a flat tire.

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Norvell said she tried to flag down a Matthews police officer who was directing traffic, but the officer told her he didn't have any information on the victim’s identity, so she drove the woman to CMC Main.

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Later, Norvell received a call from the woman's grandmother, confirming that it was the victim’s mother that she had taken to the hospital and she got there before he died.

Norvell wonders what would have happened if she hadn't been there to help McKeithen's mother.

“If I had not been there, would she still be standing up there wondering where her son is, missing precious moments?” Norvell said.

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