• Major security company outsources some services for customers

    By: Jason Stoogenke


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A homeowner didn't realize a well-known home security company wasn't always the company that provided services.

    A north Charlotte man wanted a new home security system, so he hired ADT. 

    He didn't realize ADT outsources some of its business to other companies and in his case, it was a company called Defenders. 

    He said Defenders installed the entire system.  

    The Better Business Bureau gives ADT an A+ rating, but it didn’t give Defenders any rating. 

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    Instead, the BBB's website has an alert about Defenders, saying it's "evaluating a pattern of complaints before issuing a rating." 

    "Nothing against ADT because it wasn't ADT. It was Defenders," he said. 

    Sanders said a doorbell camera wasn't working right and that he had the company come out six times to try to fix it.

    Sanders asked for a refund but said Defenders told him, “As far as we're concerned, we've done everything we can do. It's yours. You own it." 

    He emailed Action 9. 

    "I knew that y'all have helped so many people and I just felt like this was something, if you got involved with, I would see action," Sanders said.

    Action 9 started by emailing ADT, the company Sanders had hired and who he thought would be doing the work. 

    ADT emailed Action 9 and said Defenders is responsible for resolving its own customer issues. 

    But, before Action 9 could contacted Defenders, Sanders says ADT called him and said, “Upper management has approved your refund of $1,117.11.”

    "It was great,” Sanders said. “It was great. I do not think I would have ever seen a red cent had I not got a hold of WSOC," Sanders said.

    Action 9 asked ADT if it plans to keep using Defenders. 

    ADT said in an email, "Defenders is a valued participant" in its program and has served "2 million customers over the past 20 years."

    Action 9 asked Defenders for its side of the story multiple times since June 7. Defenders hadn't responded by 1 p.m. Tuesday.  

    No matter what home security company you consider, ask if it uses another company to do any of the work.  It's not necessarily bad if it does, but you want to be able to research that business too.

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