Man attacks woman inside garage of Ballantyne home, CMPD says

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department released surveillance images of a man whom officers are looking for after he allegedly placed a woman in a chokehold in Ballantyne.

The baffling and bizarre crime has left a community shaken.

A suspicious suspect was caught on a doorbell camera loitering around a Ballantyne neighborhood early Sunday morning.

“It’s really scary and frightening happening here,” said neighbor Shrad Munwat.

Neighbors like him have been talking about the images posted to social media that captured the moment police believe that suspect went from suspicious to dangerous.

“I would say it’s worrying for all of us,” Munwat said. “Everybody’s talking about it.”

he said neighbors are also banding together until the person is caught.

“We are definitely looking out for each other, trying to help each oth,er and trying to help the neighbors who have gone through this,” Munwat said.

The brazen attack happened in the Ardrey Chase subdivision off Marvin Road. The victim had just returned from an errand.

“She was in her garage taking out her groceries and from my understanding, she was attempting to close the door,” explained CMPD Officer Ricky Smith.

But as the door lowered and she went into the house, investigators believe the suspect slipped under the closing door just in time and got trapped inside.

That’s when the woman came back out to her car, presumably spooking him.

“The suspect came behind her and put his arm around her neck and began to choke her until she became unconscious,” Smith said.

When the victim regained consciousness, the suspect took off.

“We can’t definitively say she was the intended target,” Smith said. “A lot of these suspects are opportunists.”

The startling crime has left residents with no other choice but to rethink a routine that takes minutes.

“We are trying to figure out whether we close the garage as soon as get the car in the garage and unload after that,” Munwat said.

Neighbors will hopefully get those answers and more when they meet with CMPD officers on Friday.

“What measures as a community we should take?” Munwat said. “What are the options for us and how do we work with CMPD to secure our neighborhood?”

We are told that the victim is recovering from head injuries and will need to undergo a CT scan to ensure there’s no long-term damage.

If you recognize the man in those surveillance images, call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. You could be eligible for a $1,000 reward.

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